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A two (2) week intensive, hands-on, training in a specific construction trade.

All classes are guided by highly-experienced US-licensed construction professionals and a curriculum based on NCCER-level instruction. Based on the principle of "learn by doing" Extollo's Level 1 classes are 85% hands-on learning and teach International Building Standards in each trade, along with personal leadership, teamwork, and professionalism.

$300-$375 (USD)


per student, per class, depending on the construction trade

*all students are required to pay tuition prior to starting the class*



Students learn the basics of arc welding; what it is, welding safety, set up and equipment operation and how to successfully make different types of welds.

The course and curriculum is taught in Creole.


Students learn the basics of forming concrete to make a floor. Coursework includes construction safety, forming, rebar installation and concrete mixing, pouring and finishing.

The course and curriculum is taught in Creole.


Students learn everything from safety and materials preparation to rebar installation and block laying. The focus of the class is experience building a section of block masonry wall. The course and curriculum is taught in Creole.


Students learn the basics of electricity; what it is, electrical safety, creating a circuit, conductors and insulators, raceways and boxes and installing electrical outlets, switches and fixtures.  The course and curriculum is taught in Creole.


Bercy Campus

Port-au-Prince Campus

Cap-Haitien Campus
(coming soon)

What Students Can Expect

  • To gain valuable and practical skills in a construction trade through learning from highly-experienced construction professionals.

  • To learn how to be successful in the workplace, including how to lead yourself and your teams.

  • To gain specialized knowledge in a construction trade, the chance to put that knowledge into practice, and feedback on how to improve. Learning assessments are used throughout the class to evaluate skills and understanding.

  • To learn how to be a successful leader and teammate on the construction site through a professional work attitude.

  • To receive an Extollo certificate upon successful completion of all requirements of the class.

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Jeff Ballard
Welding Advisor

Jeff is a NCCER-certified instructor and a current CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) and CWE (Certified Welding Educator) and member of the American Welding Society with over 49 years of metal fabrication experience. Prior to Extollo, Jeff was the Welding Department Chair at York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC after a long and successful career running his own metal fab shop.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 1.58.10 PM (1).png

Dan Schulze
Electrical Advisor

Dan has been a Master Electrical Contractor for over 35 years.  A member of many trade organizations, he helped bring the IEC Independent Electrical Contractors Association to St. Louis and was Vice President of his local chapter of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. He is passionate about teaching and has nurtured and taught many apprentices over his 40 plus year career.  It is important to Dan when he teaches in Haiti to make a connection with his students to allow them to see his love of Christ in all he does.  

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