Our mission is to unleash Haiti's potential to build a stronger future by training a construction workforce of character and capability while adding value through innovative construction products and services.

Our training program offers classes that provide professional training in Masonry, Concrete, Electric, Welding and more. Selected students are provided with opportunities to advance with on-the-job training through our Practicum / Level 2 program. Our construction company is currently developing multiple house and security wall products using tilt-up construction technology - the first of its kind in Haiti. We are also building our capacity to provide high-level metal fabrication products.

We are located in Bercy, with a second campus in Port-au-Prince. Graduates not only leave with employable skills but are also added to our Alumni Association, allowing them benefit from Extollo's growing network in the construction industry. Extollo Training & Construction S.A. is a registered business in Haiti founded by Extollo International.


James Stephano Jean-Baptiste 
Training Program Coordinator

A graduate of engineering at the GOC University in Port-au-Prince, Stephano joined Extollo in 2021 after training in masonry and welding and realizing the impact Extollo could have on the country. Stephano also is Extollo's resident photographer, along with helping out with numerous Extollo projects outside of the Trade School. Stephano is involved in many organizations including his church, music groups, and charitable work.

Jeffte Fenelus
General Construction

Not only has Jeffte been a long-term team member with Extollo, but he has grown into leadership in both Extollo's training program as well as construction operations. Jeffte has excelled in every Extollo class offered, from Masonry, to Concrete, to Welding - and he is now an instructor in all of them. Jeffte embodies Extollo's culture of integrity, hard work, and initiative.

Jonathan Dagrin
Tilt-up Coordinator

Jonathan joined the Extollo team after receiving his degree in Civil Engineering and taking an Extollo Level 1 course, graduating at the top of his class. Jonathan helps provide leadership to the overall construction operations and assists Sherman Balch with all aspects of the tilt-up operations.

Keith Headshot 2019.jpg
Keith Cobell

Keith provides strategic leadership and overall management for Extollo, helping support Extollo's mission to equip and unleash the potential of men and women in Haiti through the construction trades - all with the purpose of building high-quality structures and high-quality craftspeople to create a stronger Haiti.

Jeff Ballard
Construction Manager and Metal Fabrication

Jeff is a NCCER-certified instructor and a current CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) and CWE ( Certified Welding Educator) and member of the American Welding Society with over 49 years of metal fabrication experience. Prior to Extollo, Jeff was the Welding Department Chair at York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC after a long and successful career running his own metal fab shop.

Jessica Jean
Administrative Assistant

Jessica helps manage the entire office operations from bookkeeping to legal and everything in between, with excellence and an eye for constant improvement. Jessica is currently pursuing a degree in Business Operations, and brings to her role her tenacity for personal and professional growth.

Junior Medard
General Manager

As General Manager, Junior guides the business operations of the company and helps provide overall leadership to the broad scope of activities on campus. Along with his extensive operations experience, Junior has led numerous community and business ventures that helps him provide leadership and guidance to Extollo's economic and character development trainings.

Sherman Balch
General Contractor

Sherman is an internationally-recognized expert in tilt-up construction technology, with extensive experience in researching and developing new construction techniques and procedures for the industry. An accomplished contractor, designer/builder, and developer, over a 40+ year career, Sherman has led major construction projects throughout Northern California.

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