Extollo Training & Construction S.A. is a registered business in Haiti started by Extollo International. We offer classes that provide professional training in construction. Adult students in our level 1 courses begin learning international building codes in Masonry, Concrete, Electric, Welding and more. Selected students are provided with opportunities to advance with on-the-job training as apprentices on-site.

We are located in Bercy, Haiti. Graduates not only leave with employable skills they are also added to our growing human resource database allowing them to be connected and selected for employment with our partners.


Mirlande Croisile
Equipment Supervisor

Mirlande was first trained in Masonry in her home town of Boacia. While she is a good mason she thrives at welding. She has continued with Extollo and has now certified in all of our trades. She teaches Welding - level 1 and is our Equipment Supervisor.

Jonathan Dagrin
Training & Construction

Jonathan joined the Extollo team in 2020 after taking graduating at the top of his training class. He has shown great potential as a teacher and his English skills are invaluable. jonathan@extollosa.com

Jeffte Fenelus
Facilities Supervisor

Jeffte has been a long term team member of Extollo. His attention to detail, desire for quality, positive can-do attitude is a breathe of fresh air. He currently serves as Facilities Coordinator and is also one of our professors in training.

Jessica Jean
Office Administrator

Jessica joined our team to serve as our administrative assistant. She is very intelligent and learns quickly. She is currently continuing her education to grow in leadership and business.


Junior Medard
General Manager

Junior started with Extollo in April 2019.  Junior has many years of experience working with businesses in Haiti. He uses his leadership and business skills to continue to train and develop our Haitian staff and advance Extollo in Haiti.


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