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Driven by our three core principles of

Innovation, Integrity, and Excellence,

we build structures and products you can trust, while training and launching entrepreneurs into the Haitian construction industry.

With an unrelenting focus on excellence, we provide the highest quality products and services that meet - and often exceed - international building standards. Two of the top product offerings we are bringing to market in early 2023 are Tilt-up Houses and Security Walls, and custom Metal Fabrication products.

Tilt-up Houses and Security Walls

Led by Sherman Balch, an internationally-recognized expert in tilt-up construction technology, past President of the Tilt-up Concrete Association, recipient of The Peter Courtois Award*, and a Licensed General Contractor in California for over 40 years, Extollo's tilt-up operations will be the first of its kind in Haiti. Core to Sherman's efforts is training up the next generation of Haitian leaders in the construction industry.


The houses and security walls will be built to International Building Standards, made of reinforced concrete panels, resilient to earthquakes and hurricanes, and engineered for Haiti's seismic zones by US structural engineers. Because of its innovative design, the houses (and security walls, depending on total length) can be erected in a single day.

rendering security walls.png
rendering house 2.png

We are pursuing LEED Platinum Certification for the houses, one of a small group of structures in Haiti to gain this designation and key to our commitment to green construction.

Other unique innovations and benefits of the houses:

  • Useful life of 100+ years (house walls and floor); metal roof (trusses and roofing) - useful life of 50+ years.

  • Roof designed to withstand 120 mph wind load.

  • Fire and termite resistant.

Current house designs are 268 ft2 (24.9 m2) and 402 ft2 (37.3 m2). Security walls can be any length, with a customized face design.

rendeering floor plan.png

Optional house add-ons include:

  • Solar power generation (solar panels)

  • Water catchment system, including storage tank

  • Reinforced security windows

  • Insulation for cooler interior temperatures

  • (picture of house rendering, and security wall rendering)

"From the TCA website: "The Peter Courtois Memorial Award is the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s highest honor and is presented to recipients whose career-long dedication to the greater good of the tilt-up industry is recognized by their peers. The careers of these recipients are said to have helped shape the tilt-up industry and set benchmarks for the next generation(s)."

Metal Fabrication

Jeff Ballard, a NCCER-certified instructor and a current CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) and CWE ( Certified Welding Educator) and member of the American Welding Society with over 49 years of metal fabrication experience, leads Extollo's metal fabrication operations in addition to providing guidance and quality control to all of Extollo's welding instruction. Core to Jeff's efforts is training up the next generation of welders in Haiti who will train others in high-quality welding and metal fabrication.


Before joining Extollo, Jeff was the Welding Department Chair at York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina after a long and successful career running his own metal fabrication shop.

Building out one of the most sophisticated metal fabrication facilities in the country, Extollo's capacity to fabricate detailed and intricate metal products is only limited by the customer's imagination.


An example of some of the metal fabrication products produced in Extollo's Metal Fabrication Facility:

  • Trusses

  • Security windows

  • Steel security fencing

  • Spike railing (for on top of concrete/block security walls)

  • Security gates

  • Custom signs

  • Doors (in 2023)

  • Cabinets (in 2023)

  • Benches, other furniture (in 2023)

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