Level 1


In Level 1 Masonry, students will learn everything from block laying and rebar installation, to safety, scaffolding, block cutting, etc. The final portion of the class is a supervised practical application of the skill, building a section of structural masonry on our site. The course and its curriculum is taught in Creole. Students will be tested and graduates will be certified.  This is a 80 hour class taught in 2 weeks.


Students are tested in three areas.


1) Written test

2) Practical Exam

3) Teacher Evaluation

Scores are averaged and students are required to pass with a 70% or higher in order to receive a certificate. Each certificate will indicate what level the student achieved. 


The cost of this level 1 course, is $200 USD. Extollo provides scholarships for qualified students. See our pricing page for more info


If are interested in participating in our next Level 1 class, sign-up for our email notifications. You will receive an email for all of our upcoming classes with further instructions. You may also look at our training calendar.


Students certified from Extollo with a Level 1 certificate will make great employees. They still need continued experience practicing their newly found skills but many are equipped to join an experienced crew in their certified trade and some will be ready to even start their own business.

If you are an employer looking to hire quality masons please contact us. We would be proud to share our database of certified graduates with you!


For more information be sure to check out our FAQ page.