How do students apply for a Level 1 class?

Students come to our Bercy or Port-au-Prince campus and fill out an application after hearing about an upcoming class through a newsletter, email, our website, or word of mouth. Many come on their own from local communities, while some are sent on behalf of their business or organization. Each student is tested on their reading, math and problem solving skills. Students are selected based on their potential to successfully complete - and therefore fully benefit from - the class.

Do they stay on site? If not, do you provide lodging for them?

Students are responsible for their own lodging. If they cannot travel home each day, they need to find lodging nearby. We can help recommend a few options.

How long are the classes?

Level 1 classes cover 40 hours of education per week, taught 7:30am-3:30pm daily, Monday-Friday. Each Level 1 class is 80 hours of instruction taught over two (2) weeks.


Do the students pay for the classes?

Yes, students are responsible to pay tuition prior to starting the class. Many students are sponsored by their sending organization. There are a limited number of scholarships available for those who are not sponsored / sent by an organization and have demonstrated need.

How many students are in your classes?

Space is limited to help ensure the quality of education. Most classes range from 10-15 students.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes. We offer private classes to businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring an entire student group of 10 or more students. Find out more here.

How are classes taught?

Coursework alternates between classroom instruction and hands-on learning, progressing from simple to more complex material and skills development through the two weeks.

Do you help students find jobs after they graduate?

We track all graduates through our Alumni Association, and provide them with networking opportunities with others in the construction industry. On average we hire about 20% of our Level 1 graduates for various projects to help further their education and provide them with income as they continue to practice their trade. We also serve as a network of construction professionals and our graduate's contact information is shared with other businesses and organizations who are looking to employ quality construction workers.

How are you funded?

Currently, the majority of our operating capital comes from Extollo International. As we continue to grow we will use revenue from our construction business to re-invest into the trade school, helping to increase the number of students that can participate in our training programs.

What is your next project?

One of our next main objectives is to continue to develop more curriculum (such as finance and management) into a program that can expand the depth of education our students receive. 

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